♦ #1 Kayak School in Michigan for 16 years!
♦ Beginner to Intermediate kayak classes
♦ Private kayak instruction & group kayak tours
♦ Located on the beach at Vandercook Lake
♦ Kayaks rentals 7 days a week

Are you having your share of fun? In our increasingly complex world the answer is typically "of course not!" It’s getting more and more difficult to unplug-unwind and fall back into natural rhythms to rejuvenate ourselves. That is why we paddle kayaks. Once we’ve left the launch site, within a few short minutes, we’ve reconnected back through time to a world of utter simplicity. There’s just us, our kayaks and paddles, and the always-changing waters. And before we know it, we’re getting our gentle, relaxing exercise while adding precious FUN back into our lives.

Quiet World Sports LLC - 551 Avenue A, Vandercook Lake, Summit Township - Jackson, mi, 49203
t: 517.879.8981 - kayak@quietworldsports.com