A sure way to delight a friend or family member who has expressed an interest in kayaking is to buy them a class. Why give yet another dust collector to Mom for Mother's Day or her birthday when a day outdoors learning new, fun, healthy skills is what she'll remember for years to come?

By purchasing our gift you can surprise them with our EZ Print certificate, which we'll send you via email, but leave the scheduling of the class entirely up to them. All they'll need to do is review our on line class schedule or contact us if your are giving them a private lesson. You can print the class schedule for them if they aren't using the internet and simply tell them to call us. We'll have their name in our gift class file and will take it from there.

Note to kids
Dad does NOT need another shirt or hat. What he really wants is a little adventure and something cool to do. And doing it with his friends, kids or grandkids is well . . . priceless!
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    the gift so we won't ruin your surprise. We'll also email the gift certificate
    to your email.
  • The giftee can set up their class by email or phone whenever they choose!

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