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The common factor you'll find among our staff at QWS is that we'll do almost anything to get outside. And that we are appreciative of a number of outdoor sports that allow us to get out and play . . . er, we mean work.

The staff is very active in skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, hiking, and backpacking and we think this makes us well rounded (some of us are more rounded than others!) and maintains a high energy level. But we all have one single thought in mind when it comes to QWS and that is to be sure and have fun with our clients. So we love to banter a little with each other and like to get clients to loosen up a little.

We hope that we are guiding you into a lifelong activity that will pay you endless dividends. Maybe you noticed how many people in our website are smiling? Well we are too!

There is no hiding the fact that we are environmentalists and have a resolve to see things get better for our land and waters. And this can't help but poke through a little when we paddle with you. We are on a good number of committees and boards and planning groups with the idea to add what we can for a better world. And every new paddler is one more person that sees and feels what we do, and is now kin.

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